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Find a Tournament

On the Home screen tap on "Search for a Club" or select a pin from the map. With a club selected, tap on the "TOURNAMENT" icon on the Club card.


Select a Tournament

You will be presented with a list of available tournaments in that club. Tap on a tournament you want to join.


Join a Tournament

Tap on the "JOIN TOURNAMENT" button to submit your application. Your card will only be charged once the tournament director approves your entry.


Wait for Tournament Director Acceptance

You can view the status and details of the tournament from your "Schedule" from the menu.

Additional options such as viewing the Brackets and Scores become available once you have been approved.


You're Done!

The tournament card will appear under the "PENDING" category in your schedule. Upon approval from the tournament director, you will receive a notification in the app, and the card will be moved to the "CONFIRMED" category.



Tap on the "CANCEL SESSION" button to withdraw from the tournament.


NOTE: You will not be charged if you have not been confirmed a spot yet. Refunds for withdrawals are subject to the club's policies.


View Upcoming Matches

Tap on the ongoing tournament card from your Schedule under the "upcoming" tab to view your upcoming matches.


Enter Match Scores

Enter the match scores directly from the tournament ticket for the Tournament Director's approval.

NOTE: This option is only available if the Tournament Director has enabled it on setup.


View Tournament Results + XP

See how you have progressed in the tournament from the results page.

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