BOUNX Player App



Go To Manage Kids

Open the navigation menu and tap

on "Manage Kids".


Start Adding Your Kids

If your kid has an existing BOUNX account, tap on the "LINK EXISTING ACCOUNT" button and move on to STEP 03A.

If your kid has not previously signed-up for a BOUNX account, you may create an account directly from this screen by tapping on "CREATE A NEW KID ACCOUNT" and skip to STEP 03B.


Search For Your Kid's Account

Search for your kid using their contact number or email address associated with their account. Select your kid from the results and tap on "ADD KID TO MANAGE".

That's it! Your kid will have to accept the connection on their account to establish the link.


Create Your Kid's Account

Fill in the details in the form to create your kid's account. Your kid will automatically be linked to your parent account. Repeat this process for each kid you would like to link to your account.


Switching Between User Profiles

Once a kid account has been linked to your account, you may switch between users from the navigation menu by tapping on their name. You will now be able to make bookings and payment on behalf of your child.


Booking For Your Kid

When you swich over to your kid's profile, a red bar will appear at the top of the screen to indicate who you will be making a booking for. As a parent, you will be able to view their coach feedback, player profile and schedule from here.

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